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​About me

Kanno Jun / Kanno Panda
Artist Kanno Jun was born in Fukushima, studied film production in the US, and after returning to Japan worked primarily in the portrait and landscape genres. In 2018 she relocated from Tokyo to Fukushima, and has been producing works dealing with the natural scenery and environment of Fukushima since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Some of her works have the theme of relationships between animals and people, and she presents these works under the name “Kanno Panda”.
Awards include the 13th New Cosmos of Photography Prize (selected by Araki Nobuyoshi) (1996) and the 42nd Ina Nobuo Award (2017). Major photography exhibitions include Planet Fukushima (Nikon Salon, 2017), Fukushima’s New Generation 2001: Seven Rooms (group exhibition, the Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art, 2001), and Private Room II - Photographs by a New Generation of Women in Japan (group exhibition, Art Tower Mito, 1999). Her many publications include The Circle (self-published, 2017) and Traveling Through South America (Little More, 2004).



The theme for all my works is time. I continue to pursue the theme of time in various ways. For example, I visited all elementary school classmates all over Japan 20 years later. Also, the same scenery spreads whenever I go, and I photographed the summer coast as if time had stopped. Also, I shot 19 families of the area where I was born and raised once a year for 12 years (2007 to 2018).



​the Circle and Planet Fukushima are producing works with the same concept. Each picture of the Circle, I capture three existences: humans, animals, and fences that divide the two, as three different layers like the layer function of Photoshop. This is the same with the perspective in Planet Fukushima, which is consisted of foreground, middle-distance, and background. The existence of fences in middle-distance in the Circle is, in Planet Fukushima, the existence of the radioactivity that divides humans in foreground and scenery in background.

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